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Executive Producer –Producer-Director-Writer-Story Editor:

An award-winning independent filmmaker, Anne’s passion for story telling began as a teenager writing for her father’s country newspaper in South Australia. This led to a career in journalism with major Australian newspaper and television organizations, but during the obligatory Aussie world walkabout, ended up with a filmmaking career and family in Toronto, Canada. She has been producing, directing, writing, and story-editing docs and factual series for over 20 years, resulting in hundreds of hours of documentaries and television series, and won many awards, including a Canadian Gemini, Australian AFI and Dendy, top prizes from New York, Chicago and Houston and had her worked screened at many international festivals. Anne’s work has and continues to find appreciative audiences around the world.

Under her company banner Real to Reel Productions, Anne has a reputation for engaging and popular films and series in a variety of genres. She says learning to write from the front to the back pages of a newspaper ingrained a broad interest in subject matter from social and political issues, to history, music, science, sports, wildlife and the environment. She has interviewed Prime Ministers, and world famous singers, actors and artists and many unsung heroes and survivors who continue to be an inspiration.

She has also been a strong advocate for the documentary community in Canada and is currently co-vice chair of DOC Canada and was a founding board member and former co-chair of Hot Docs. Anne also has a strong international presence and produced the first Independent Documentary Official Treaty Co-pro between Canada and Australia with "Helen's War: Portrait of a Dissident" and she continues to be the matchmaker between her fellow Aussie and Canadian filmmakers while nurturing her own current co-productions.

Selected Filmography:

Animism: People Who Love Objects (Executive Producer. Producer, Story Editor)
A Murder of Crows (Story Editor)
Racoon Nation (Story Editor)
Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking (Co-Director, Executive Producer, Producer & Story Editor)
Ronnie Hawkins: Still Alive and Kickin’ (Executive Producer, Producer and Director)
The Prince of Pot: the U.S.vs Marc Emery (Executive Producer, Producer, Co-Writer)
Yours Al (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Follow Your Dreams (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Notorious Mrs. Dick (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
The Bunny Years (Producer, Director, Writer)
Helen Caldicott: Portrait of a Dissident (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Ryan’s Well (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Labour of Love: life and times of Buzz Hargrove (Producer, Director, Writer)
Jan Arden: a work in progress (Producer, Director, Writer)
Moe Norman: the King of Swing (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
Sandy Hawley: the Gentleman Jockey (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
Hearing Voices: The lives and times of Rich Little (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Out of Sync: Racism in the media (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Writer)
Getting Out (Producer, Director, Writer)
Speak Out (Executive Producer, Producer, Co- Director, Writer)

Redemption Inc (Story Editor)
Natural Born Dealers (Story Editor)
Cash and Cari (Story Editor)
Out in the Cold (Executive Producer, Producer, Story Editor)
Harrowsmith Country Life (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
Foodstuff (Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Story Editor)
Fire Station (Executive Producer, Producer)


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